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Welcome to Hanover European Auto Parts.  Thanks for stopping in! 
Our niche in the auto parts business is catering to the owners of older European cars.  Our range covers European cars from 1948, for example Austin A40, to later models such as the Saab 9-5’s.  We have parts for most makes and models in between.   

We’ve been in our current location for over 20 years and it’s given us a chance to see quite a few classic cars.  In the late 80’s the love was strictly British.  We dismantled many MG's, Triumphs, Austin Healey’s and Jaguars.   
The interest grew into the British sedans.  We started collecting Austin’s, Hillman’s, Sunbeams and a few British Ford Anglia’s and Cortina’s.  That interest then grew into the Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa and all the other Italian lines.  After working on several of these cars we realized their true quality! 
Then the German sports sedans came, the BMW 2002’s were the cars of choice.  It’s hard to compare the joy one can get while flying around town in a Bimmer!

A few years ago a Saab 900 came in.  Everything looked backwards to us!  But what a fantastic car.   
The thrill of the European auto has never faded from all the people involved in our business, especially our customers.  At Hanover European Auto Parts we strive to keep the older cars on the road. 

Our prices are reasonable and we have a liberal return policy and understand sometimes the part sits in the box for the first month or two.  We understand what you are dealing with and how it works.  Best of all we are small enough to deal with you on a personal level.

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